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Biographical data for:   RÖSKENBLECK, Jonathan

Name: Röskenbleck, Jonathan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 28 March 2006
Age: 11
Age Category: Junior E (2016/2017)
Home Country: Germany
Club: SLIC München, München
UPID: STGER12803200601
Graphs: 2016/2017 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
222 meter25.88630/11/99Grafing GERBayerische Meisterschaften
333 meter35.57230/11/99München GER10. Munich Open
500 meter55.16830/11/99München GER10. Munich Open
777 meter1:29.50719/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup Junioren

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
12/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Junior E Boys
    Overall Ranking: 3rd,   333 meter: 1st,   500 meter: 7th,   777 meter: 10th
19/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenBronze 1
    Overall Ranking: 11th,   333 meter: 17th,   500 meter: 12th,   777 meter: 6th
07/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Novice
    Overall Ranking: 7th,   333 meter: 7th,   500 meter: 7th
11/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiMen Junior E
    Overall Ranking: 13th,   333 meter: 19th,   500 meter: 10th
04/03/17München GER10. Munich OpenBoys Jun E
    Overall Ranking: 4th,   333 meter: 3rd,   500 meter: 5th,   500m SF: 3rd
11/03/17Grafing GERBayerische MeisterschaftenBoys Junior E
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   222 meter: 1st,   333 meter: 1st

Results in season 2016/2017:
222 meter
25.88630/11/99Grafing GERBayerische MeisterschaftenFinal, Group 1 
26.12230/11/99Grafing GERBayerische MeisterschaftenHeats, Group 1 
333 meter
35.57230/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenFinal, Group 1 
37.70730/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenHeats, Group 1 
37.96430/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenQuarter Finals, Group 1 
38.07312/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiFinal, Group 5 
38.11230/11/99Grafing GERBayerische MeisterschaftenHeats, Group 1 
38.17607/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 2 
38.46230/11/99Grafing GERBayerische MeisterschaftenFinal, Group 1 
38.72613/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Final, Group 1 
39.03711/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiQuarter Finals, Group 2 
39.31807/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Heats, Group 1 
40.05013/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Semi Final, Group 1 
40.28412/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Heats, Group 1 
45.09811/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiHeats, Group 1 
1:12.00619/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenFinal, Group 4 
500 meter
55.16830/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenHeats, Group 1 
57.06407/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Final, Group 2 
57.47507/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Semi Final, Group 1 
58.05711/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiSemi Final, Group 1 
58.34407/01/17Oberstdorf GERDeutsche Meisterschaften Heats, Group 1 
58.69730/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenFinal, Group 2 
59.08120/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenHeats, Group 1 
59.32620/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenSemi Final, Group 2 
59.49313/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Final, Group 2 
59.52820/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenFinal, Group 3 
1:02.05011/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiHeats, Group 1 
1:03.27330/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenSemi Final, Group 1 
1:07.08011/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiFinal, Group 2 
1:09.74813/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Heats, Group 1 
1:10.41530/11/99München GER10. Munich OpenSuper Final, Group 1 
777 meter
1:29.50719/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenFinal, Group 2 
1:29.85919/11/16Inzell GERDeutschland Cup JuniorenHeats, Group 1 
1:45.36212/11/16Zagreb CROAlpe Adria Trophy 1Heats, Group 1 


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