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Biographical data for:   VAN DAMME, Warre

Name: Van Damme, Warre
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14 January 2003
Age: 15
Age Category: Junior C (2017/2018)
Home Country: Belgium
Club: Boudewijn Schaats Club, Brugge
UPID: STBEL11401200301
Graphs: 2017/2018 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017
Season 2017/2018

Personal records:
222 meter26.3321/11/15Brugge BELBEL National Championships
333 meter33.9817/12/16Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2017
500 meter46.28111/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships Belgium
777 meter1:20.42715/04/17Gent BELEaster Cup (Golden Sun-Silver M)
1000 meter1:35.08921/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)
1500 meter2:31.55019/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)

Results in season 2017/2018:
500 meter
46.28111/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumFinale, Groep 1 
46.6217/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Finale, Groep 2 
46.66020/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Quarter Finals, Group A 
46.66125/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group CVideo
46.70224/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalSemi Final, Group 2 
46.72025/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Quarter Finals, Group A 
46.7517/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Kwart Finales, Groep 1 
46.91525/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group B 
47.0017/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Halve Finales, Groep 1 
47.1217/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Heats, Groep 1 
47.21219/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group A 
47.23323/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalHeats, Group 1 
47.30120/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group B 
47.40628/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group A 
47.4413/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 
47.62422/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 2 
47.63011/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumHeats, Groep 1 
47.63924/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group A 
48.7613/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Heats, Groep 1 
49.12022/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentSemi Final, Group 1 
49.39328/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group CVideo
49.41227/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group A 
49.70614/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 1 
49.91214/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
50.65122/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentHeats, Group 1 
1:02.70620/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group A 
P28/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group A 
1000 meter
1:35.08921/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group A 
1:35.83226/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group BVideo
1:36.60220/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Quarter Finals, Group A 
1:37.34221/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group A 
1:37.5717/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Super Final, Groep 2 
1:38.24624/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group A 
1:38.33829/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group B 
1:38.83128/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group A 
1:38.83525/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Quarter Finals, Group A 
1:38.84422/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 1 
1:39.06824/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalHeats, Group 1 
1:39.46819/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group A 
1:39.5913/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 
1:39.84920/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Heats, Group A 
1:40.20727/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group A 
1:41.23625/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Heats, Group A 
1:42.21714/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
1:42.3113/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Heats, Groep 1 
1:42.65511/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumHeats, Groep 1 
1:43.04929/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group DVideo
1:43.71426/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group A 
1:43.87714/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 1 
1:44.39324/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalSemi Final, Group 2 
1:46.20428/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group A 
1:46.56825/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalFinal, Group 3 
1:46.81111/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumFinale, Groep 1 
1500 meter
2:31.55019/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Final, Group B 
2:33.92611/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumHeats, Groep 1 
2:34.0913/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Super Final, Groep 1 
2:34.36219/01/18Rostock GERStarclass-5 (CD-3)Semi Finals, Group A 
2:34.94411/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumSuperfinale, Groep 1 
2:35.34723/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalHeats, Group 1 
2:35.95224/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Final, Group BVideo
2:37.57127/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group A 
2:37.64527/10/17Bergamo ITAStarclass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group BVideo
2:37.67923/03/18Ventspils LATEuropa Cup FinalFinal, Group 2 
2:37.83024/11/17Bormio ITAStarclass-3 (CD-2)Semi Finals, Group A 
2:38.88811/03/18Hasselt BELNational Championships BelgiumFinale, Groep 1 
2:44.06414/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesSuper Final, Group 1 
3:51.7413/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 


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