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ISU World Championships Moscow


12 March 2015   -   From 13-15 March the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships will take place at the Krylatskoe Ice rink in Moscow. More than 130 skaters from 31 countries will attend this most important competition of the season.
    The Sc “Krylatskoye” is one of the biggest ice complexes in the world. The complex is a unique one and it is the first covered ice arena in Russia. In the period of 8 months since its “birthday”, the complex was recognized as the laureate of the main Russian architectural prize “architecture 2004”.
    To date, the stuff of the complex may cope with tasks of different complexity. The sports center may be compared with a submarine-it can function autonomously-it has transport, the food sector with 2 cafes, the training hall for sportsmen of the highest level, the medical sector with the all necessary modern equipment, comfortable checkrooms and shower rooms, the own boiler room, and a special water analysis laboratory.
    the total area of the building together with the close-fitting territory is 11 ha;
    • the territory of the building-up is 3,08 ha;
    • the area of the ice rink is 12.000 sq m;
    • the number of seats is 8000;
    • the area of the roof is 26.000 sq m;
    • the height of the building support is about 72 m. This support looks like the Russian letter “Л” with high-strength ropes that bear the roof;
    • the inside height of the roof is 27,6 m;
    • the power of the refrigerating engineering that supplies the ice with the optimal temperature is 1,7 megawatt;
    • the thickness of the ice is 3-4 cm;
    • the ice rink includes: the main running track (400 m), the training track for children (200 m) with the hockey playground (30x60 m), the area where sportsmen may practice in turning and also two uncooled zones;
    • the complex consists of 5 stages: 0 (the 1st stage), 3,9 m (the 2nd stage), 13 m (the 3rd stage), 18 m (the 4th stage), 21,5 m (the 5th stage).


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