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Biographical data for:   WIJKSTRA, Barth

Name: Wijkstra, Barth
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 July 2003
Age: 13
Age Category: Junior D (2016/2017)
Club: Shorttrack Club Thialf, Heerenveen
UPID: STNED10807200301
Graphs: 2016/2017 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
333 meter40.8519/11/16Enschede NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 1
500 meter55.81530/11/99Utrecht NEDRegio Finale
777 meter1:27.7504/02/17Enschede NEDTwente Bokaal

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
19/11/16Enschede NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 1Pupillen Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 3rd,   500 meter: 3rd
18/12/16Heerenveen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 2Pupillen Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 4th,   500 meter: 4th
15/01/17Leeuwarden NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 3Divisie A
    Overall Ranking: 17th,   777 meter: 17th
29/01/17Groningen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie FinalePupillen B
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   777 meter: 1st
04/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalJongens Pupillen 1
    Overall Ranking: 9th,   500 meter: 9th,   777 meter: 8th
04/03/17Utrecht NEDRegio FinaleJongens Pupillen
    Overall Ranking: 21st,   500 meter: 19th

Results in season 2016/2017:
333 meter
40.8519/11/16Enschede NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 1Heats, Group 1 
40.9618/12/16Heerenveen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 2Heats, Group 1 
41.2718/12/16Heerenveen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 2Halve Finale, Group 1 
500 meter
55.81530/11/99Utrecht NEDRegio FinaleHalve Finale, Groep 2 
56.26830/11/99Utrecht NEDRegio FinaleHeats, Groep 1 
56.7304/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalHeats, Group 1 
56.8904/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalFinale, Group 3 
57.3104/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalHalve Finale, Group 2 
58.3429/01/17Groningen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie FinaleHeats, Groep 1 
59.2029/01/17Groningen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie FinaleHalve Finales, Groep 1 
59.7319/11/16Enschede NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 1Halve Finale, Group 1 
777 meter
1:27.7504/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalFinale, Group 2 
1:29.6515/01/17Leeuwarden NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 3Finale, Groep 4 
1:30.5529/01/17Groningen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie FinaleFinale, Groep 1 
1:32.3215/01/17Leeuwarden NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 3Heats, Groep 1 
1:43.2815/01/17Leeuwarden NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 3Halve Finales, Groep 2 
2000 meter relay
3:46.9519/11/16Enschede NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 1Finale, Group 1 
(SC Thialf Heerenveen: Kimberley de Lang, Rick Dobber, Maaike Kramer, Barth Wijkstra)
3:51.9229/01/17Groningen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie FinaleFinale, Groep 1 
(SCT-2: Jep Kooijman, Mike PiŽst, Jelte ter Elst, Barth Wijkstra)
3:52.0518/12/16Heerenveen NEDRegio Noordoost Competitie 2Finale, Group 1 
(SC Thialf - B: Rick Dobber, Jep Kooijman, Mike PiŽst, Barth Wijkstra)
P04/02/17Enschede NEDTwente BokaalFinale, Group 1 
(SC Thialf Heerenveen: Colin Breed, Rick Dobber, Hidde van Dijk, Barth Wijkstra)


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