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Biographical data for:   KOOT, Hessel

Name: Koot, Hessel
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3 March 1998
Age: 19
Age Category: Junior A (2016/2017)
Club: Schaats Vereniging Utrecht, Utrecht
UPID: STNED10303199801
Graphs: 2016/2017 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
222 meter23.30031/01/09Odense DENDanish International
333 meter31.29331/10/15Amsterdam NEDKNSB Cup-2
500 meter45.25303/01/15Amsterdam NEDNED National Championships
777 meter1:14.33127/09/15Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup-1
1000 meter1:32.89317/03/13Baselga di Piné ITAJunior Europa Cup Final
1500 meter2:26.55002/01/16Amsterdam NEDKPN Nederlands Kampioenschap

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
24/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 19th,   1000 meter: 19th
15/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 12th,   500 meter: 12th
12/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 14th,   1500 meter: 14th
02/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Men Junior A
    Overall Ranking: 19th,   500 meter: 14th,   1000 meter: 22nd,   1500 meter: 21st
14/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 6th,   500 meter: 6th
11/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Divisie B
    Overall Ranking: 5th,   1500 meter: 5th
04/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeren Junioren A
    Overall Ranking: 7th,   500 meter: 5th,   1000 meter: 7th,   1500 meter: 6th

Results in season 2016/2017:
500 meter
45.76403/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Quarter Finals, Group 1 
46.16504/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
46.62015/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Halve Finale, Groep 2 
47.00005/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDFinale, B 
47.00515/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Finale, Groep 3 
47.29314/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Heats, Groep 1 
47.60915/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Heats, Groep 1 
47.68214/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Finale, Groep 2 
48.20203/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 3 
1:01.16802/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
1:01.53614/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Halve Finale, Groep 1 
777 meter
1:15.89924/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Heats, Groep 1 
1000 meter
1:35.18404/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 5Video
1:35.72805/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
1:36.72605/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDFinale, B 
1:37.67011/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Heats, Groep 1 
1:38.00504/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Semi Finals, Group 3 
1:38.85724/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Finale, Groep 4 
1:39.87312/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Heats, Groep 1 
1:40.79824/09/16Leeuwarden NEDKNSB Cup 1Halve Finale, Groep 2 
1:51.25402/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
P03/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Heats, Group 1 
1500 meter
2:31.73211/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Halve Finales, Groep 1 
2:33.10012/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Finale, Groep 3 
2:33.27404/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
2:36.28102/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Semi Finals, Group 2 
2:36.57304/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDFinale, B 
2:39.75811/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Finale, Groep 1 
2:44.15002/12/16Utrecht NEDStarClass-4 (SAB-2)Final, Group 4Video
P12/11/16Utrecht NEDKNSB Cup 3Halve Finale, Groep 1 
3000 meter relay
4:19.75015/10/16Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 2Finale, Groep 1 
(Team A: Hessel Koot, Jos van der Noll, Mark van Wijngaarden, Marc Velzeboer)
4:26.48904/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDFinale, B 
(SV Utrecht: Caspar Douma, Hessel Koot, Bram Steenaart, Jos van der Noll)
4:27.29611/02/17Groningen NEDKNSB Cup 6Finale, Groep 1 
(Team F: Sam Aagten, Koen Kersten, Hessel Koot, Jens van 't Wout)
4:34.75714/01/17Dordrecht NEDKNSB Cup 5Finale, Groep 1 
(Team H: Avalon Aardoom, Alexandra Danneel, Hessel Koot, Marijn Wiersma)
4:35.81804/03/17Utrecht NEDNat. Championships Juniors NEDHeats 
(SV Utrecht: Caspar Douma, Hessel Koot, Bram Steenaart, Jos van der Noll)


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