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Biographical data for:   BERNARDI, Gianluca

Name: Bernardi, Gianluca
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 17 August 2003
Age: 13
Age Category: Junior D (2016/2017)
Home Country: Italy
Club: Sporting Club Pergine, Pergine
UPID: STITA11708200301
Graphs: 2016/2017 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2011/2012
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017

Personal records:
222 meter26.96501/02/14Bolzano ITACoppa Italia -2
333 meter37.20129/03/15Bormio ITAITA Junior Championships
500 meter49.08511/02/17Trento ITATrofeo Nicolodi
777 meter1:20.00511/02/17Trento ITATrofeo Nicolodi
1000 meter1:43.06312/02/17Trento ITATrofeo Nicolodi

Classifications in season 2016/2017:
28/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Men Junior D
    Overall Ranking: 21st,   500 meter: 17th,   777 meter: 22nd,   1000 meter: 22nd
05/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'JUNIOR D MEN
    Overall Ranking: 3rd,   500 meter: 5th,   777 meter: 6th,   1000 meter: 2nd,   1000 m SF: 2nd
19/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaGroup 2B Men
    Overall Ranking: 6th,   500 meter: 5th,   777 meter: 16th,   1000 meter: 4th
17/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaGRUPPO 2B MEN
    Overall Ranking: 1st,   500 meter: 2nd,   777 meter: 4th,   1000 meter: 1st
11/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiMen Junior D
    Overall Ranking: 2nd,   500 meter: 3rd,   777 meter: 7th,   1000 M SF: 1st

Results in season 2016/2017:
500 meter
49.08511/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiQuarter Finals, Group 1 
50.09211/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiHeats, Group 1 
51.44520/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaFinal, Group 2 
51.70217/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaSemi Final, Group 1 
51.77719/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaQuarter Finals, Group 1 
51.79319/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaHeats, Group 1 
51.91629/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 5Video
52.02412/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiFinal, Group 1 
52.06029/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
52.75305/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Final, Group 2 
52.81617/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaFinal, Group 1 
53.14505/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Heats, Group 1 
53.58817/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaHeats, Group 1 
54.17929/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group 3 
1:05.57905/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Semi Final, Group 1 
P28/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
777 meter
1:20.00511/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiHeats, Group 1 
1:21.28528/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
1:22.06511/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiFinal, Group 2 
1:22.94017/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaHeats, Group 1 
1:23.05129/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Heats, Group 1 
1:23.51530/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 6Video
1:24.68219/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaFinal, Group 4 
1:24.97428/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Semi Finals, Group 2 
1:25.50629/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Quarter Finals, Group 2 
1:26.05118/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaHeats, Group 1 
1:27.33306/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Heats, Group 1 
1:40.37028/10/16Bolzano ITAStarClass-1 (CD-1)Final, Group 4Video
1:41.84419/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaHeats, Group 1 
1000 meter
1:43.06312/02/17Trento ITATrofeo NicolodiSuper Final, Group 1 
1:50.00205/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Final, Group 1 
1:55.00805/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Heats, Group 1 
1:55.05506/11/16Pieve di Cadore ITA1 Prova 'Trofeo Giovanissimi'Super Final, Group 1 
1:55.44717/12/16Bergamo ITA2a Coppa ItaliaFinal, Group 1 
1:57.00820/11/16Bormio ITA1a Coppa ItaliaFinal, Group 1 


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