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Biographical data for:   WERNER, Kobe

Name: Werner, Kobe
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14 June 2001
Age: 16
Age Category: Junior B (2017/2018)
Home Country: Belgium
Club: Turnhoutse Nieuwe Tornado's, Turnhout
UPID: STBEL11406200101
Graphs: 2017/2018 | Last 4 years
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
Season 2012/2013
Season 2013/2014
Season 2014/2015
Season 2015/2016
Season 2016/2017
Season 2017/2018

Personal records:
222 meter30.6823/02/13Eindhoven NEDRegio Beneluxcup 3
333 meter39.4224/01/16Tilburg NEDBeneluxcup 4
500 meter50.8214/01/18Tilburg NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-3
777 meter1:30.8416/01/16Utrecht NEDSenior & Masterscup 2016
1000 meter1:45.2517/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2
1500 meter2:48.7613/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018

Classifications in season 2017/2018:
29/07/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyJunior B Men
    Overall Ranking: 15th,   500 meter: 13th,   1000 meter: 14th
14/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesMen Junior B
    Overall Ranking: 4th,   500 meter: 6th,   1000 meter: 4th
22/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentMen Junior A/B
    Overall Ranking: 17th,   500 meter: 17th,   1000 meter: 17th
19/11/17Eindhoven NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-1Jun/Sen div B
    Overall Ranking: 16th,   500 meter: 16th
17/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Jun/Sen div B
    Overall Ranking: 13th,   500 meter: 11th
14/01/18Tilburg NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-3Jun/Sen div B
    Overall Ranking: 5th,   500 meter: 5th
17/02/18Liedekerke BELInter Regional League Beneluxcup-4Divisie Junior + senior A
    Overall Ranking: 13th,   500 meter: 13th
10/03/18Nijmegen NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-FinalJun/Sen div B
    Overall Ranking: 6th,   500 meter: 5th

Results in season 2017/2018:
500 meter
50.8214/01/18Tilburg NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-3Finale, Groep 2 
51.2817/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Finale, Groep 3 
51.3014/01/18Tilburg NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-3Halve Finales, Groep 1 
51.4910/03/18Nijmegen NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-FinalHeats, Groep 1 
51.5110/03/18Nijmegen NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-FinalFinale, Groep 2 
51.8614/01/18Tilburg NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-3Heats, Groep 1 
52.0317/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Heats, Groep 1 
52.0917/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Halve Finales, Groep 2 
52.26422/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentHeats, Group 1 
52.3417/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Kwart Finales, Groep 1 
52.65822/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 4 
52.7117/02/18Liedekerke BELInter Regional League Beneluxcup-4Semi Final, Group 2 
52.9519/11/17Eindhoven NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-1Finale, Groep 4 
52.9617/02/18Liedekerke BELInter Regional League Beneluxcup-4Heats, Group 1 
53.1619/11/17Eindhoven NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-1Halve Finales, Groep 2 
53.18214/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
53.53704/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyHeats, Group 1 
53.55004/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyFinal, Group 3 
53.8213/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 
54.15622/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentSemi Final, Group 2 
1:02.71914/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 2 
1:03.3317/02/18Liedekerke BELInter Regional League Beneluxcup-4Final, Group 4 
1000 meter
1:45.2517/12/17Kockelscheuer LUXInter Regional League Beneluxcup-2Super Final, Groep 3 
1:45.6817/02/18Liedekerke BELInter Regional League Beneluxcup-4Super Final, Group 3 
1:46.8010/03/18Nijmegen NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-FinalSuper Final, Groep 2 
1:46.87105/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyFinal, Group 4 
1:47.28705/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophySemi Final, Group 3 
1:47.5813/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 
1:48.06522/10/17Groningen NEDAutumn TournamentFinal, Group 3 
1:49.00814/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesHeats, Group 1 
1:51.28405/08/17Oberstdorf GEROberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp TrophyHeats, Group 1 
1:51.66014/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesFinal, Group 1 
1500 meter
2:48.7613/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Super Final, Groep 1 
2:49.3213/01/18Brugge BELVlaamse Kampioenschappen 2018Finale, Groep 1 
2:53.90214/10/17Turnhout BELOpening GamesSuper Final, Group 1 
3000 meter relay
4:43.5610/03/18Nijmegen NEDInter Regional League Beneluxcup-FinalHeats, Groep 1 
(: Warre Noiron, Ilias Peeters, Leander Schepers, Kobe Werner)


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