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Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp Trophy


27 June 2013   -   This summer the traditional shorttrack summercamp, which was held for 30 years in Chamonix, will be held for the second time in Oberstdorf-Germany. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Trophy Summercamp will take place from 3 August untill 10 August 2013. The summercamp will be organized and supported by the Sportscouncil of Oberstdorf, the Ice Club Oberstdorf and the volunteers of
    On the 27th of July 115 skaters from 32 clubs out of 10 countries have entered for this week in Oberstdorf. The entrylist with names can be seen on the entrypage of
    The camp will start on Saturday 3 August 2013 with the traditional welcome reception and will continue untill the closing dinner on Saturday 10 August 2013.
    The announcement with all information is published on the entry page of this website. Entry can only be done by clubs or associations using the entry system of
    During the summercamp there will be ice available for on-ice-training every day. The last two days a short track competition will be held. Besides this there will be training sessions for inline skating on the exellent Inline track of Oberstdorf. Highpoint in the program will be a Biathlon competition with Inline skating and shooting.
    Oberstdorf is a small city in the south of Germany and is situated close to the foot of the Alps. It has many hotels, pensions, a Youth Hostel and a very good camping. Special in Oberstdorf are the "ferienwohnungen". These apartments can be rented for several days or weeks for very reasonable prices. Thanks to the support of the Sportcouncil of Oberstdorf the number of training sessions on ice has been doubled this year which means that many more skaters than last year can attend this summercamp. Information about Oberstdorf can be found on
    We hope to see all our shorttrack friends from Europe back again this summer in Oberstdorf.
    Piet Broekhuizen


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