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This week: new season about to begin

Photo: Habib Allilouch preparing the start lines
   Photo: Habib Allilouch preparing the start lines
29 August 2022   -   At many places in the world the new season will start up soon. Ice rinks are beeing technically updated and ready to freese new ice. The new competition season is also about to begin. In order to make this possible a lot of work has to be done. Not only making competition calendars and renting ice but also things like measuring the track and putting Start- and Finish lines in the ice. A lot of work done by volunteers and technical crew members of Ice rinks all over the world. Skaters have to realize that thanks to a lot of work done by these people the first stroke of the new season can done on the ice.


Hyperlinks shorttrack-clubs on this website

7 December 2006   - has added a lot of shorttrack-dedicated hyperlinks on the webpage links. We hope to make a complete set of links of all shorttrack-clubs in the world and to their icerinks. Users of this website are requested to check if the hyperlink of their club and icerink is in the list. If it is not please be so kind to send the hyperlink to If you have other shorttrack-related hyperlinks we are also happy to receive these from you.


Welcome to

1 January 2006   -   Welcome at the website which is dedicated to shorttrack-speedskating. This website gives competition-information, results, statistics, background-information etc. and is specially made for skaters, competition-organizers, statisticians, journalists and everybody who is interested in shorttrack-speedskating. The in this website imbedded entry-system allows federations and clubs to enter skaters for competitions and is a helpful tool for competition-organisers. On the webpage SERVICES a number of extra facilities are available for professional use.


PB-Event: for Sport and Events

1 January 2006   -   PB-Event is a Dutch company that is specialized in Sound, Telecommunication and Timing equipment. They are also Producers for big and small sport events. Moreover, they have worked for many years in Short Track Speed Skating.
    PB-Event is doing jobs all over the world. They have worked for the Grand Prix Track & Field in Mexico, the Grand Prix Thales FBK Games in the Netherlands and for the Grand Prix Track & Field of Shanghai as well. In the Netherlands they supply the technical equipment for many (sport) events. Contracted by the Rabobank cycling team, they have gone for a many years to the Tour de France. Their Telecommunication equipment has been used at the Olympic Games of Salt Lake City and also at the Olympic Games of Torino.


SOL Super Prestige:
(per 24/10/2021)

2 Suzanne SCHULTING34
3 Arianna FONTANA29
4 KIM Jiyoo21
5 CHOI Minjeong13

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Danubia - Star Class Competitions 2021/2022


Danubia - StarClass series

Danubia and StarClass are a series of international competitions in Short Track Speed Skating in accordance with all Regulations of the International Skating Union, with an overall classification. The competitions are qualifying competitions for the Europacup final. The competitions are designated as such during the annual calendar meeting of European Members of the ISU.

Star Class Memorandum 2021-2022


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